Why Essential
Advisory Services


We honor our relationships by showing integrity, competency and compassion.

Essential Advisory Services began with the realization that the generic financial advice model has run its course and no longer meets the needs of diverse communities of families and individuals. Our firm represents paradigm shift in the way financial planning relationships are valued and the way those services are delivered.

Changing how financial planning is done

Matthew Schechner founded Essential Advisory Services to bring purpose to financial planning. Instead of offering a client a list of products based on their risk assessment, Matthew approaches each client with a focus on a long-term strategy. We take a modern look at the family, tossing out the old one-dimensional view, in order to achieve financial goals for all of our clients.

The financial industry is nomadic and product-driven. We are changing that paradigm by focusing on the end game rather than only the beginning of the relationship. Instead of putting our clients on autopilot, every advisor at Essential Advisory Services focuses on ensuring that goals are on track and clients are in the best possible position to achieve success.

We practice a family-first, multi-generational goal-based approach to financial planning. The bedrock of our enterprise is our family first focus. To achieve our clients’ goals, we begin with analysis and strategic design. We implement our strategy and then monitor for performance and review to make sure our set objectives are on track for success.

Ultimately, we believe clients deserve a simple and transparent approach to their finances, and we provide that by being selfless partners who make sound decisions.

Community Focus

At Essential Advisory Services, we focus on building strong communities and environments. Not only is “family first” the foundation of our enterprise, but it is also how we conduct our business and personal lives. Our advisors focus on giving back to the community, treating our neighbors with the consistent level of gratitude, care and respect we show to our clients.

We might not know the solution for every problem, but we work diligently with each client to learn and develop a solution for every curve ball thrown by life. At the end of the day, our clients’ success drives our success.