Essential Advisory Services

LGBTQ+ Communities

Essential Advisory Services is focused on helping LGBTQ+ families handle life changes and all the issues that can emerge when trying to reach financial objectives.

A Modern Family Office

The foundation of all we do is our family-first, goal-focused mission. We know families are not one-dimensional. Instead, modern families are diverse and dynamic, and they are best served by financial services companies who are committed to diversity and inclusion.

Together, we can prepare you to tackle your financial challenges and embrace your financial opportunities so you can set a clear path to realizing your overall financial well-being and success.

Financial Wellbeing & Success

We know that LGBTQ+ families can face unique financial planning issues, priorities, and opportunities such as:

Marriage & Taxes

Marriage and tax rights can be an important part of succeeding financially as an LGBTQ + couple or family. We can help you achieve your goals and build financial wealth.

Family-Focused Planning

Depending on where we are in life, goals can differ widely, even as family is connected to almost every goal. Whether you are planning for adoption or IVF, saving for college, or focusing on a secure retirement, we have the experience to help you take care of yourself and your family.

Building A Legacy

For better or worse, your financial decisions can impact your entire family’s life. We help make sure it’s for the better by preparing and planning together for life’s tough decisions and making sure you can leave a legacy for loved ones and preferred charities.

Essential Advisory Services